At the end of 2017 I had a moment with God and felt like I should lead my family, and church through a 21 day fast. We as a church had recently received some scary news that we would need a new church home before the Summer of 2018. I remember my brain scrambling and my anxiety levels rising FAST. I said to myself, church planter’s coaches never prepared me for this. I was never coached on what to do when you have to search for a new church home four months into starting a new church. Then, I remembered the first video I ever watched on church planting by Chris Hodges, entitled “When the Battle in Prayer”. In summary, the video suggested that if you when the battle in prayer, you win the battle.
So we decided to go to battle. Our church committed to fast, most of us to the Daniel Fast (Water, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc) for 21 days. If anyone knows me, they know this was a nearly impossible. However, I sensed that I needed time to disconnect and focus on this prayer battle. I felt there was something else I needed to do. I knew the greatest way most of us are connected to the world is through social media. So I approached our church social media team and told them that we were going to be taking a break and only posting our prayer videos that we pre-recorded and pre-scheduled to post. However, this came with a problem and fears:

1. What if I missed out on something going on?
2. What if we get no first-time guest to our church because we are not on social media?
3. How are people going to know what’s going on?
4. How is anyone going to know I had incredible opportunities I had during that time?
5. How are people going to know I have a perfect life without my posting? (lol)

These were all the legitimate and #petty fears. However, I knew the size prayers we were praying required us to fast, pray, and disconnect for a while. For me personally, the first few days were tough. I had friends who launched great churches in January and had a couple of traveling trips that I couldn’t share to make you think I’m cool and important. However, as the days went by my appetite to trying to impress people with my life began to die; also my desire to look at other’s life and compare began to die. In fact, I finished two books (Replenish, Pull), and read through Genesis, most of Exodus, and Romans. Most of all, I literally watched God do a miracle right before my eyes. God opened up a door for Motivation Church, that will be a “game changer” and I will be announcing this February 4th.
As I study fasting, I realized that it is less about you changing your diet, but more about disconnecting from the world, and connecting with God. I believe that in our culture the greatest way to disconnect is to take a break from social media.I believe this could be a healthy rhythm you put in your yearly calendar.Who knows, maybe God might give you that miracle that’s in your heart.
Win the Battle
P. Travis