Discover Motivation is an experience that gives you the opportunity to discover Motivation Church, and discover your unique gifts God has given you. We will peel back the "curtain" and give you an VIP access into the vision, life, and structure of Motivation. You will also have the amazing opportunity to join the "Dream Team".


At Motivation, we believe that everyone needs friends and family. Small groups are at the heart beat of our church. Don't do life alone and join a group today.


Baptism is an important step of obedience that represents our trust in Jesus Christ for our salvation.  You don’t need to be perfect, come as you are. Ready to take a leap of faith? Sign up today to get baptized on the second Sunday of the month.


The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions through Growth Track and are actively putting them to use to impact the church community.