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Welcome to the “God is BIGGER than the virus” website. We are in unprecedented times. Our world is full of fear and anxiety over the Corona Virus (COVID-19). This virus continues to spread with no known cure. Much of our society and lives are shut down due to this virus. I’m reminded of Esther living in unprecedented times and she made a statement that I want to make to our church, “you have your position for such a time as this”. In times like these, this is our time to show the WORLD that the church is alive. Below are three ways you can BE the church “in such a time as this”.


Due to school closures in our area we have a BIG need. Many kids only full meal is school lunch. With the help of RPS we will be packing lunches and passing them out to families in need. Our church will be at Thomas Boushall Middle school (about a mile from our church) Monday-Friday from 9:30am-12:30pm (days and times subject to change based on community needs). Click the link below to sign up.



We are aware that some parents still have to work and may not be able to afford additional childcare with school closures. On Tuesday, March 17th and 24th; Thursday March 19th and 26th we will provide childcare relief for families of students in Kindergarten- 5th grade, 9am-3pm held at Motivation Church.


Join our 21 days of loving our neighbors, during the virus outbreak. We will share practical ways on how you could bless your neighbor and be encouraged during this time.

TEXT “LOVE” to 804-577-5962